Extension Modules

Not all functions are supported directly in the system. To keep 3.5e SRD modulard and free of bloat, some things are provided as either 1st party or 3rd party modules installable directly via Foundry modules.

First Party Extensions

These extensions - be it original ones or forks of extensions made for other systems and made fully compatible with 3.5e SRD base system - are maintained by creator of LotD / 3.5e SRD.

Loot Sheet NPC


Allow players to loot enemies easily!

This module adds an additional NPC sheet which can be used for loot containers such as chests. It also allows spells to be automatically converted into spell scrolls by dragging them onto this sheet.

Loot sheet
Automatic scroll creation from spells
Permissions controls
Self loot for Players
Shopkeeper sheet
Markup control
Self buy-and-sell for Players
...and more!