Current 3.5E SRD for Foundry VTT version is 0.86.6. You can install it directly in Foundry VTT, and read release notes here

Legacies of the Dragon expansion module will be released in the near future!

Classic d20. Modern VTT

3.5E SRD for FVTT implements 3.5 edition of System Reference Document rules in Foundry VTT (FVTT). Fight your way through dungeons filled with Orks and Undead, fight with mighty dragons and find epic tresures buried deep in their lairs.

Their legacy is yours to take - and the best place to do it is playing 3.5E SRD on Foundry VTT with your fiends!

Automated and Flexible

To make your adventures easier, 3.5E SRD implementation comes with compendiums full of data from SRD - so you dont have to do much to play!

Most of the systems that are available in 3.5 edition of System Reference Document are implemented, automated, and easy to use, while being flexible enough so you can use them as is or create anthing that comes to your mind.

3.5E SRD provides comprehensive documentation, both for Players and Game Masters, describing all the nooks and crannies of the system - so you can build things you want.

Classes (with abilities)
Races (with abilities)
Magic Items & Enhancements
...and more!

Legacies of the Dragon

Legacies of the Dragon is a system agnostic framework for writing adventures, released under Creative Commons (with conversion guides for popular TTRPG systems)

Adventures written using Legacies of the Dragon framework can be run in any fantasy TTRPG system, and they are designed to be easily scalable, so both starting adventurers and powerful haroes can have fun with them..

System Agnostic
Easy to adapt to any TTRPG system
Easy to use Conversion Guides

Player's Companion

Legacies of the Dragon - Player's Companion is both an additional (and offline!) character sheet for your 3.5e SRD / LotD characters and a online Compendium Browser

Offline Character sheet allows you to view your character sheet anywhere you are - and does not require Foundry server to be running! When your Foundry instance is up, you can make rolls from the Player's Companion - so no need to go to Foundry to use a weapon or roll that skill check!

Compendium Browsers allows you to view 3.5e SRD compendium data outside the game, wherever you are. With power full search engine you can easily find any item, spell or power!

Roll Skill and Ability Checks
Use Items and Attack
Print your character sheet
Search system compendiums using advances search system
...and more!

A Place for Everyone

Besides written documentation, Legacies of the Dragons / 3.5e SRD for Foundry has a live and helpfull community on Discord. Adventuring, creating content and discussing next steps - this is why we meet there - and there is place at the table for everyone.

Adventure awaits!

Your next big adventure awaits. Sharpen your sword, prepare your spells, craft powerfult artifacts, gather your friends and go forth!

Let us meet in the depths below, in the lairs of unspeakable evil, where only brave and bold are victorious!